Chris Brown And Rihanna Reunite In St. Tropez

Chris Brown

   Rihanna has been on an extended vacation since the passing of her Grandmother on the Mediterranean Sea. She has been has been living it up and enjoying life to the fullest. Well, there has been a lot of buzz on Twitter about Chris Brown and Rihanna Reuniting in St. Tropez. I know a lot of Rihanna Navy and Team Breezy fans are exciting and hoping that they are rekindling the flame.

Chris Brown and Ludacris landed on Rihanna’s 55 meter Super Yacht this past weekend in Chris’ helicopter…oh and did I mention Luda flew the helicopter.


I know a lot of people are excited and wishing for the best and then there are some that do not agree. At the end of the day, they both realized the mistakes they have made to one another. They could be just friends or not ( I think NOT). These two are in love with one another and there is no denying it.

Many fans were wondering if Chris and his girlfriend Karreuche had broken up due to all the rumors surfing the net… the answer is NO. Supposedly, Karreuche was spotted in the airport in Nice, France Airport.

Check out some of the tweets from Rihanna, Chris Brown, and Ludacris Below:

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